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What is Classical

Classical Christian education teaches that the truth of God's power and love is manifest in every area of study, with application to all subjects and, as a result, to everyday life. Our students see every inch of thought, history, and natural creation as an extension of the work of Jesus Christ.

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What Subjects Do We Offer?


Students will learn the fundamentals of Bible stories, history, and geography. We will memorize scripture, examine maps, and create timelines. Our goal is to bring the stories we read to life!


Students will learn scientific content through hands-on learning experiences that allow them to create and experiment! Science will also involve outdoor learning.


Students will learn how to create various types of literary pieces. They will be writing creative alterations of fables and construct compelling arguments for solutions to problems they feel passionate about.


Students will read several classical novels throughout the course of the school year. Fan favorites include The Cricket in Times Square, Beowolf, and The Tale of Despereaux. Students will also learn about Aesop's fables and write a few of their own!


Students will be learning mathematics through an inquiry based approach. This approach allows children to reason naturally and utilize many different manipulatives & strategies.


Students will learn the parts of speech through songs and sentence diagrams. Do not be surprised if your student is singing about prepositions on the car ride home!


Whether you have experience learning Latin or not, never fear! Students will get to experience Latin through stories, chants, videos, and other exercises. Our goal is to bring this "dead" language to life!


Students will learn the history of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome through the lens of the Old and New Testaments. They will complete projects, topic pages, literature reviews, and even create a museum or two!


Students will complete fun spelling activities that incorporate into several

other subjects areas.

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How Do I Enroll?

Upon admission, families should complete the following steps to officially enroll their student as a homeschooler according to Illinois State guidelines. Follow the steps below to begin the process.

Research State Guidelines

Illinois State Board of Education

Official Statues

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